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7 More Bears Killed in Colorado Over The Last Week

Over the last seven days, seven more bears have been killed in Colorado.

On July 6, four bears were killed in three separate incidents near Cortez, Pagosa Springs, and Vallecito.

Two of them were killed by homeowners after the bears broke into their homes, while the other two were killed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife after they killed and ate livestock.

Then on July 7, a landowner shot and killed a bear that he caught eating his chickens, near Durango.

Sunday morning another bear attacked a sleeping staff member at Glacier View Ranch, outside Ward.

Lastly, on Tuesday, a bear came near children playing outside their home, near Vallecito Lake.

Wildlife rangers tracked and killed that bear as it had previous violations.

CPW gives bears two chances before making such a decision and attempts to train it to stay away from humans.

This year has had much higher than normal issues with bears, causing concerns about natural food shortages for the animals.

Bear Killed After Breaking Into Homes in Colorado Springs

A bear has been killed after breaking into multiple homes in Colorado Springs.

Reports of the bear had been coming in for a couple of weeks, however, traps set by Colorado Parks and Wildlife had been unsuccessful.

In one of those cases, it followed a woman into her garage and attempted to follow her inside the house.

On Monday night, the 375-pound bear broke into a home and spent at least five hours eating all that it could out of the kitchen.

Wildlife officers were able to track it from there and put it down on Tuesday morning.

The decision to kill the bear was based on it’s multiple forays into homes.

CPW gives bears two chances before making such a decision and attempts to train it to stay away from humans.

17th Rabid Skunk Found in Denver Metro

Another rabid skunk has been found in the Denver Metro.

This makes it 17 skunks that have tested positive this year.

The Jefferson County Public Health also found a rabid bat, the first of the year.

Health officials through the metro area have posted statements reminding residents to ensure vaccinations are current for their families, pets, and livestock.


Rabid Bobcat Mauls New Hampshire Woman

A woman in New Hampshire was mauled by a rabid bobcat.

On Sunday, 80-year-old Elsie Dabrowski was gardening when the bobcat attacked her.

She fought it off with a sickle and her five dogs chased it under her house.

Her son Gene grabbed his shotgun and was able to kill the rabid animal.

Elsie suffered cuts to her face, arms, wrists, and back, which resulted in her receiving 60 stitches and a rabies shot.

Illinois Warns Residents About Rabid Bats

Illinois has put out a general warning to residents about rabid animals.

The warning comes after more than a dozen rabid bats have been found, across the state.

Officials warned about being on the lookout for any rabid animals as rabid bats could easily spread it to other animals.

As part of the precaution, they also reminded the public to ensure that their pets’ immunizations are up to date.

2 Killed in Black Bear Attacks in Alaska

Two people have been killed by bears in Alaska.

In the first incident, on Sunday, a runner ended up lost and then being chased by a bear, just south of Anchorage.

He used his cell phone to call for help, but the rescue did not come fast enough to save him.

Park Rangers found a 250lb black bear over his body and shot the bear in the face, however, the bear ran away.

A search was begun to find the bear, but they have had no luck so far.

Then on Monday, about 300 miles northeast, two people were attacked by a black bear.

One of those people was killed, while the other suffered injuries but will live.

Rangers are searching for that bear as well.

Officials say that bear attacks are very rare and unsure what caused these attacks to happen.

It has been four years since there was a fatal attack, anywhere in Alaska, and 22 since one occurred near Anchorage.

Fox Attacks Man in Maine

A fox attacked a man in Topsham, Maine.

According to authorities, the man is recovering from a bite to his arm.

The incident happened Tuesday morning at Grimmel Industries.

Tuesday afternoon authorities found the body of a grey fox on the Grimmel property.

They believe that the fox may have been rabid, and are conducting tests to be sure.

As a precaution, the man is being treated for rabies.