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9 Firefighters Injured Near Pedrogao Grande, Portugal

Nine firefighters were injured near Pedrogao Grande, Portugal.

It happened on Monday, while they were fighting the latest fire to threaten the area.

Two of the firefighters are in serious condition after they and six others were burned and suffered smoke inhalation.

The ninth firefighter suffered a leg injury in a separate incident.

More than 400 firefighters and eight aircraft are battling two blazes in the Tomar region.

They are burning not far from where 64 people were killed by another fire, on June 17.

Deadly Fire in Portugal Declared Under Control

Portugal’s government has declared the deadly fire near Pedrogao Grande is under control.

The fire started on Saturday and killed 64 people while burning 74,000 acres.

Several other major fires have also been declared under control.

More than 2,400 firefighters and soldiers have been battling the blazes.

They were joined by aircraft from their own country, France, Italy, and Spain.

More than 200 people have been injured in the days since more than 60 fires were started by lightning.

However, Jaime Marta Soares, president of the League of Firefighters, believes that the Pedrogao Grande Fire may have been arson.

Soares has not been able to provide any proof, and other government officials have challenged his claim.

Deadly Fire in Portugal May Have Been Purposefully Set

Portugal’s deadly fire may have been purposefully set.

According to fire official Jaime Marta Soares, the fire began two hours before lightning was striking the area.

Soares also stated that he believes it was human made.

If that is the case, the fire will be considered a criminal act with counts of manslaughter attached to it.

Sixty-four people have lost their lives to the fire, which began on Saturday near Pedrogao Grande.

Evacuations continue to spread in the area, as the fire grows.

More than 1,200 firefighters and soldiers are battling the blaze.

62 Killed by Rapidly Moving Fire in Portugal

At least sixty-two people have been killed by a rapidly moving fire, in Portugal.

An estimated 60 fires broke out in the country, on Saturday, as the country deals with temperatures above 100 and dry thunderstorms.

The worst of the fires is in the Pedrogao Grande area.

This fast moving fire overtook people trying to evacuate, killing many in their cars.

Dozens more are injured and dozens more are missing, with the government considering most of the missing to have been casualties.

More than three hundred fire fighting vehicles are involved in battling the blaze but have been unable to reach any level of containment.

Spain has sent aircraft and firefighters to aid their neighbor.

Firefighters Battling 7 Fires Burning in Portugal

Over a thousand fire fighters are battling blazes in Portugal.

Seven fires are burning through out the country.

Winds have been pushing the flames, making fighting them extremely difficult and even more dangerous.

Portuguese authorities say that they now have control of one of the six fires.

That fire killed one firefighter and injured six others, on Thursday.

Three other firefighters have been injured battling the other blazes.

Hurricane Gordon Aiming for Azores

Hurricane Gordon is headed for the Azores islands, and the Portuguese government has maintained a hurricane warning for the eastern islands.

Previously they had released one for the entire island chain.

Gordon is currently a category two hurricane, with sustained winds over one hundred miles per hour.

It is expected to lose some of it’s power by the time it hit’s the islands, but latest readings have it showing off wind gusts as high as one hundred and twenty-five miles per hour.

The western and central islands will still see high surf, winds, and heavy rains.

Landfall should happen around ten pm local time.