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Arizona’s Frye Fire Crosses 46,000 Acre Mark

Arizona’s Frye Fire has crossed the 46,000-acre mark.

The fire has been burning for nearly a month, since being started by lightning.

This morning’s listings put it at 45% contained.

More than 600 firefighters are battling the blaze, which is the largest of Arizona’s fires.

There are currently 21 burning in the state, 9 of which are at more than 10,000 acres.

Lizard Fire Becomes Focus in Arizona

Firefighting focus in Arizona has turned to the Lizard Fire.

Lightning started the fire on June 7 but lately has shown some major growth.

It now has burned more than 15,000 acres, south of Dragoon.

460 firefighters, including 5 hotshot teams are battling the blaze.

Officials considered it to be 70% contained, but have left evacuation orders in place for the Cochise Stronghold.

Arizona Battling Fires

Arizona is battling multiple fires, that are being propelled by winds and hot, dry weather.

Lightning is being blamed as the cause for most of the blazes.

The Bowie Fire is burning southeast of Bowie, forcing some evacuations.

Nearly 2,300 acres have been lost to its flames since it was started by lightning on Thursday.

More than 150 firefighters are battling it.

The Dragoon Fire has burned about 200 acres since being ignited by lightning on Wednesday.

30 homes in the Cochise Stronghold are being threatened by it, forcing evacuations.

The Frye Fire, which was also started by lightning, began on Thursday night.

It has claimed 15 acres southwest of Safford.

The Lizard Fire, another lightning-caused fire that began on Wednesday, has burnt 3,500 acres south of Dragoon.

It has also caused evacuations and has burnt one home to the ground.

A Type 1 management team has been placed in charge of it.

The Paige Creek Fire has burnt 500 acres east of Tucson.

An investigation is underway to determine how it started.

The Saner Fre has burnt just under 200 acres, northeast of Douglas and may also threaten the Cochise Stronghold area.

Thousands Evacuated as Willow Fire Advances in Arizona

Willow FireSeveral thousand people have been evacuated as the Willow Fire advances in north west Arizona.

The fire, which began Saturday morning, has reached the seven thousand acre mark.

It is burning in the Mojave Valley, near Goose Lake.

In it’s path are dry grasslands, making it easier for the fire to spread rapidly.

Wind and low humidity are also adding issues, for fire fighters.

Nearly a thousand homes are also in the fire’s path, leading the evacuations.

Fire fighting efforts are focused on protecting the homes.

US Storm Kills 8

Eight people have been killed as a severe winter storm continues to strike the south western US.

The storm began dropping rain, snow, and freezing rain on Thursday.

Since then it has caused hundreds of accidents across five states.

Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas have all dealt with it, so far, as it slowly makes it way east.

Three people were killed in California, on Thursday, while one was killed in Arizona, on Friday.

On Saturday, one was killed in New Mexico and three in Texas.

Haboob Kills 3 in Arizona

Three people were killed when a haboob caused a pileup in Arizona.

The dust storm had dropped visibility to less than ten feet, when the first accident occurred.

By the time it was over nineteen vehicles were part of the crash and three people were killed and thirteen injured.

It happened just north of Picacho Peak, on Interstate 10.

The 10 was closed, in both directions, for several hours while the clean up took place.

51 Major Fires Burning in the US

Fifty-one major fires are currently burning in ten US states.

The ten states are Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

Over nineteen thousand firefighters are busy battling the blazes.

Focus is currently centering on Montana where twenty-one of those fires are located and the governor has declared a state of emergency.

Dozens more smaller fires are burning in several other states.

So far this year more than thirty-two thousand fires have burnt fifty-three hundred square miles.

This has caused budgetary strains on the US Forest Service and other firefighting agencies.

The Forest Service has already spent nine hundred and sixty-seven million dollars fighting fires.

They have been forced to start moving money meant for other areas towards the firefighting funds.