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7 More Bears Killed in Colorado Over The Last Week

Over the last seven days, seven more bears have been killed in Colorado.

On July 6, four bears were killed in three separate incidents near Cortez, Pagosa Springs, and Vallecito.

Two of them were killed by homeowners after the bears broke into their homes, while the other two were killed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife after they killed and ate livestock.

Then on July 7, a landowner shot and killed a bear that he caught eating his chickens, near Durango.

Sunday morning another bear attacked a sleeping staff member at Glacier View Ranch, outside Ward.

Lastly, on Tuesday, a bear came near children playing outside their home, near Vallecito Lake.

Wildlife rangers tracked and killed that bear as it had previous violations.

CPW gives bears two chances before making such a decision and attempts to train it to stay away from humans.

This year has had much higher than normal issues with bears, causing concerns about natural food shortages for the animals.

Evacuations Lifted For Colorado’s Peak 2 Fire

Evacuations around Colorado’s Peak 2 Fire have been lifted.

The fire was spotted on Wednesday morning, just outside of Breckenridge.

This led to the evacuations of the Peak 7 neighborhood, on Wednesday afternoon.

On Friday night, residents were allowed back in, as the fire had not grown beyond its 85 acres and containment had reached 25%.

The Peak 7 neighborhood is currently listed as being on pre-evacuation notice, meaning residents may have to leave again and should stay alert.

Both the Farmer’s Korner and Gold Hill neighborhoods remain on a pre-evacuation notice.

More than 360 firefighters and two helicopters are working to finish off the blaze.

Peak 2 Fire Forces Evacuations in Breckenridge, Colorado

The Peak 2 Fire has forced evacuations in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Authorities became aware of the fire on Wednesday morning.

It is currently listed as being 82 acres in size with no containment.

So far, nearly 100 personnel and 2 helicopters are involved in battling the blaze.

463 homes in the Peak 7 neighborhood were issued mandatory evacuations, on Wednesday afternoon, due to the proximity of the fire.

Both the Farmer’s Korner and Gold Hill neighborhoods are on pre-evacuation alerts.

Bear Killed After Breaking Into Homes in Colorado Springs

A bear has been killed after breaking into multiple homes in Colorado Springs.

Reports of the bear had been coming in for a couple of weeks, however, traps set by Colorado Parks and Wildlife had been unsuccessful.

In one of those cases, it followed a woman into her garage and attempted to follow her inside the house.

On Monday night, the 375-pound bear broke into a home and spent at least five hours eating all that it could out of the kitchen.

Wildlife officers were able to track it from there and put it down on Tuesday morning.

The decision to kill the bear was based on it’s multiple forays into homes.

CPW gives bears two chances before making such a decision and attempts to train it to stay away from humans.

17th Rabid Skunk Found in Denver Metro

Another rabid skunk has been found in the Denver Metro.

This makes it 17 skunks that have tested positive this year.

The Jefferson County Public Health also found a rabid bat, the first of the year.

Health officials through the metro area have posted statements reminding residents to ensure vaccinations are current for their families, pets, and livestock.


Colorado Storm Drops Tennis Ball Sized Hail

Northeast Colorado saw some extreme weather, on Monday afternoon.

It included some fierce looking clouds which spawned a tornado watch.

Only one tornado touched down, luckily not near any homes.

The storm also dropped hail across much of the region.

Many places saw hail reach at least an inch in diameter, however, some saw some reach tennis ball size, with one report of bigger than four-inch hail.

Despite the large hail, there were no reports of injuries or severe damage due to the storm.