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6.8 Earthquake Strikes Ecuador

Map via USGS

A preliminary 6.8 earthquake has struck northwestern Ecuador.

It was initially called a 6.6, but within minutes Ecuador had declared it a 6.8.

The quake hit at 11:46 ETZ, on Wednesday, about fifteen miles northwest of Rosa Zarate.

No tsunami alert was issued, due to the quake.

It was centered in the same region that saw nearly seven hundred die after a 7.8 on April 16 and a 6.0 on April 21, and just a few miles from a 6.7 that hit at 02:57 this morning.

Damage reports are just beginning to come in, and officials are concerned that there may be numerous casualties.

Death Toll in Ecuador Rises to 350

EcuadorThree hundred and fifty people have been confirmed dead in Ecuador. The country was struck by a 7.8 earthquake, on Saturday night.

More than twenty-five hundred people were injured, in the quake. Most of the deaths occurred in Manabi, where the quake was centered.

Damage runs for hundreds of miles, with thousands of buildings damaged or destroyed, and most roads are impassable.

Manabi and five other provinces; Esmeraldas, Galapagos, Guayas, Los Rios, and Santo Domingo; have been placed under a state of emergency.

The government sent ten thousand soldiers and five thousand federal police officers to help in whatever ways they can.

Death Toll From Japan’s Earthquakes Rises to 41

JapanThe death toll from Japan’s earthquakes has risen to forty-one.

As many as fifteen hundred people were injured in the series of quakes.

Search and rescue efforts continue, with eleven people missing.

At least a thousand homes and buildings have been damaged or destroyed, and nearly two hundred thousand people have been displaced.

Four hundred thousand are without water, and two hundred thousand are with power.

In many cases, officials are uncertain which quake caused the damage.

The US military is aiding the Japanese Defence Forces in using air power to get supplies to affected areas, as many roads are impassable.

Several landslides were caused by the quakes, and Mount Aso had a small volcanic eruption.

238 Dead After 7.8 Earthquake in Ecuador

Ecuador EarthquakeA 7.8 earthquake struck near the coast of northwestern Ecuador, Saturday night.

It was felt for hundreds of miles, in each direction, throughout Ecuador as well as neighboring countries.

At least two hundred and thirty-eight people have died as a result, of the quake, which injured more than fifteen hundred people.

Hundreds of buildings have been completely destroyed, and many roads are now impassable, throughout the region.

Rescue efforts continue, in order to help those trapped under rubble.

Nearly one hundred and fifty aftershocks have followed the quake, causing fear of further damage to be a constant.

President Rafael Correa declared a national emergency and mobilized fifteen thousand soldiers and national police to help however they can.

32 Dead as Result of Earthquakes in Japan

Japan EarthquakeOfficials have confirmed thirty-two deaths after the series of earthquakes that have struck southern Japan.

They have been centered around Kumamoto city, on the island of Kyushu.

At least fifteen hundred more people have been injured.

Hundreds of buildings have been damaged or destroyed, displacing around ninety thousand, and dozens of roads are no longer passable.

An estimated four hundred thousand are without water, and one hundred thousand are without power.

The government has sent twenty thousand troops in, to help with search and rescue efforts, cleanup, and with reestablishing water and electricity.

Efforts have been hampered by a storm coming into the area, bringing winds, rain, and lower temperatures.

7.1 Earthquake Rocks Japan, Just 7 Miles From Thursday’s 6.2

Japan QuakeA 7.1 earthquake struck near Kumamoto city, on Kyushu, early in the morning of Saturday.

A tsunami advisory was initially issued by the Japanese government, but cancelled shortly after.

The area was hit with a 6.2 earthquake, Thursday night, and has been dealing with aftershocks since.

The initial quake killed nine people and injured nearly a thousand.

Search and rescue operations were still under way in the area, when the bigger quake hit.

At this time, it is unclear how much more damage or how many more casualties they new quake has brought.

Fears and expectations are that it likely caused more damage than it’s precursor.

Both major quakes were fairly shallow, increasing the damage they wrought, and were centered only seven miles apart.