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NASA’s Juno Offers Closest Pictures of Jupiter’s Storm

NASA’s Juno spacecraft has made it’s latest buzz of Jupiter.

This time Juno focused on the planet’s nearly 10,000-mile wide hurricane.

The first of the pictures have been released, giving us the closest pictures yet of the storm.

They were taken from about 5,600 miles above the storm, while Juno flew by at 31 miles per second.

More photos will come over the next few days, some of which will be even closer.

Those will give more detail possibly giving insight into the storm which has raged on Jupiter since at least as long as man has been able to make telescopes powerful enough to see details on the planet.

Tropical Storm Dora Brushes Mexico Could Turn Into Hurricane

Tropical Storm Dora is set to brush the coast of Mexico today.

Dora will bring one to three inches of rains to the west coast of Guerrero and Michoacan as she makes her way by.

Concerns are that she’ll continue to grow in strength and cross over into being a hurricane.

Currently, she has 70 mph sustained winds, only four mph below hurricane strength.

Cindy Downgraded to Tropical Depression

Cindy has been downgraded to a tropical depression.

The storm continues to north along the Texas-Louisiana border but is expected to shift east sometime on Friday.

It is spreading rain and further flooding through Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas.

As much as eight inches of rain have already fallen in those states and the Florida panhandle.

Storm surges continue to be an issue for coastal areas.

All storm warnings and watches have been lifted, though some for flooding remain.

Alabama and Louisiana Declare State of Emergency as Cindy Approaches

Alabama and Louisiana have declared a state of emergency as Tropical Storm Cindy approaches.

Heavy rains and flooding are preceding the storm.

Southeastern Texas, Southern Mississippi, and the Florida panhandle are also being hit hard.

Forecasts have 15 inches of rain covering the region, with tornadoes possible.

As much as eight inches have already fallen in some places.

A ten-year-old was reported dead in Alabama, in relation to Cindy.

Tropical Storm Bret Forms in Atlantic Ocean as Cindy Forms in Gulf of Mexico

Tropical Storm Bret has formed in the Atlantic Ocean.

It is the second major storm to form there, this year, suggesting that this will be a very active.

The average date for a second named storm is August 2.

Currently, Bret is located near the Windward Islands.

Expectations are that it will cross over the islands, into the Carribean on Tuesday.

Bret is unusual in that it formed so far east at such a low longitude, during June.

Previous storms that have formed in similar fashion have signaled some of the worst storm seasons in recorded history.

Tropical Storm Warnings have been issued for Grenada, the Grenadines, St. Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago, and parts of coastal Venezuela.

Tropical Storm Watches have been issued for Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao.

Another storm is also forming, in the Gulf of Mexico.

If it does come together to reach tropical storm strength, it will be named Cindy.

Forecasts show Cindy will hit Eastern Texas and Louisiana with 3-6 inches of rain, on Wednesday.

Tropical Storm Warnings have been issued for areas along that section of coast.

Fresh Snow Delights California Ski Slopes

Monday brought fresh snow to some of California’s mountains.

As much as six inches of the white stuff fell, during Monday’s storm.

Ski slopes were delighted by the addition, with several looking to now be open past July 4th and maybe into August.

However, the snow wasn’t good news for everyone.

It forced chain laws to go into effect on several highways.

The storm is now moving into Nevada and Utah, bringing snow to their higher elevations.

High winds are also precluding leading to the closure of a section of Interstate 80, to high profile vehicles.