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Tornado Kills 1 Outside Wynnewood, Oklahoma

OklahomaOne person was killed by a tornado, on Monday afternoon.

The tornado struck outside Wynnewood, Oklahoma.

Six more people were injured and a dozen buildings were destroyed by the twister.

A second death was also reported, due to the storm, but authorities said it was not because of the tornado.

Several other tornadoes struck elsewhere in Oklahoma and Kansas.

Hail as large as four and a quarter inches in diameter accompanied the storm.

The storm threat will continue into the night, for Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Arkansas.

Tornado in Uruguay Kills 4

UruguayFour people were killed when a tornado struck, in Uruguay.

Friday’s tornado hit the southwestern town of Dolores.

More than two hundred were injured as the twister tore through.

Dozens of homes and businesses were destroyed, while vehicles were tossed about.

The storm also destroyed power lines and telephone service, to the area.

Tornadoes are very rare for Uruguay.

They average only about one a year.

Tornado Injures 7 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Oklahoma TornadoSeven people were injured in Tulsa, Oklahoma after a tornado struck on Wednesday evening.

One of the injured was listed in critical condition and two in serious, while the other four were treated and released.

Hail nearing two inches in diameter was also a contributing factor in damage to parts of the city.

Severe storms also brought wind, lightning, rain, and flooding to Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.

At least three other tornadoes were confirmed, across the region, but no injuries resulted from them.

In some places electricity is still knocked out, with hopes for it to be fully back up by Thursday evening.

State of Emergency Declared in Virginia After Tornadoes Kill 4

Waverly, VA
Waverly, VA

Four people were killed in Virginia, as severe storms tore through the state.

Governor Terry McAuliffe declared a state of emergency, Wednesday evening.

Hardest hit was the town of Waverly, which has widespread damage and three dead, after a tornado hit the town.

The other death occurred in Appomattox County, when another twister left a ten mile long path, with seven injured.

Another twenty-five were injured in Essex County.

Wednesday’s storms followed a deadly Tuesday.

On Thursday, the storm continued moving, sending warnings from Washington DC to Philadelphia.

3 Killed by Tornadoes in Louisiana and Mississippi

Convent, Louisiana
Convent, Louisiana

Severe storms brought a total of twenty-two tornadoes, during Tuesday.

Three people were killed by the twisters, in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Two of the deaths occurred in Convent, Louisiana when a tornado destroyed a trailer park.

While another person was killed in Lamar County, Mississippi.

Alabama and Florida also saw twisters, but no deaths, during the storm.

Damage and injuries were strewn about all four states.

Residents of Florida can expect more stormy conditions, through Wednesday.

The storm will also spread to Georgia, North and South Carolina, and parts of Virginia.

Tornadoes Cause Damage in Louisiana as Storms Visit Gulf Coast

Prairieville gym damage

A powerful storm has brought the threat of tornadoes to southern states along the Gulf Coast.

States of emergencies have been declared for Mississippi and Alabama.

In Lamar County, Mississippi one person has died, due to the weather.

Several tornadoes have already made their presence known, in Louisiana.

One tornado was seen crossing over Interstate 10, while waterspouts were seen on Lake Pontchartrain.

Debris flew through the air near Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, and schools across the metro area were closed.

The town of Belle Rose had cars overturned and buildings damaged, from a possible tornado.

Reports of multiple injuries have come from the town of Union, due to winds over turning trailers.

In Prairieville, the roof of a gym was torn off, by a possible twister.

Storms will continue to affect the region, through Tuesday night.