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Bogoslof Volcano Eruption Affects Air Travel

The eruption of the Bogoslof Volcano continues to affect air travel.

It began on Sunday, causing the highest level of aviation alert to be issued.

The force of the fifty-minute eruption caused smoke and debris to go as high as 45,000 feet into the air.

Bogoslof Island is located in the Aleutian Islands, of Alaska.

Many flights between North American and Asia take a route that puts them over the islands.

Ash clouds can be extremely detrimental to aircraft and often cause lightning storms.

The volcano last erupted in 1992, but over the past two years, lava flows had tripled the size of the island.

Cotopaxi Causes State of Emergency in Ecuador

EcuadorOn Saturday, the Cotopaxi volcano began spewing ash.

This has led to a declaration of a state of emergency in Ecuador.

Several hundred people have been evacuated from the area, with thousands more on standby.

The volcano sits just thirty miles from the Ecuadorian capital.

It has been over one hundred years since the last major eruption, of Cotopaxi.

Back in 1903, the area, around Cotopaxi, was nowhere near as populated.

The volcano is considered one of the most dangerous in the world.

A major eruption from it would have devastating affects upon the region.